caro for (future) pet owners

Owning a companion animal is a lifelong commitment. Responsible ownership is crucial to ensure the health and welfare of your pet throughout its life. The following pages are aimed to help (future) companion animal owners make informed decisions, create a safe environment and know the legal framework for their pets.

Dog and cat

Before Getting a Pet

There are several things to consider before deciding to bring home a pet, to ensure that future owners are ready for a pet

Dog being held by person

Acquiring/Adopting a Pet

It is crucial when acquiring a pet, that you find the best solution for yourself and one where the animal’s welfare is put first

Cat on couch

Living With a Pet

Responsible ownership means being well-informed on a variety of topics, prepared for all kinds of situations and knowledgeable about different needs of the animal

Books and gavel

Knowing the Law

It is important to be aware of the legal framework for pet ownership in your country including sterilisation, travelling with your pet, identification and registration, microchipping and more!


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