caro at eu level

Welcome to the CARO Database at EU level! You will find all relevant information on these pages


These pages provide an overview of EU groups/initiatives, law, positions, communications and projects relevant to CARO. 

EU Groups & Initiatives

EU Groups & Initiatives

Several EU groups and initiatives are relevant for the health and welfare of animals


EU & International Law

Find out more about EU & International Law relevant for the protection of companion animals

Positions, Communications, and projects at EU Level

Positions, Communications, & Projects at EU Level

Not legally binding, EU institutions have issued positions, communications and initiative projects relevant for CARO


caro's core topics

The following sections will discuss the scope of relevant legislation regarding CARO’s core topics.

Cat with kittens

Population Management (EU)

What legislation exists for population management in the EU?

Dogs with QR code tags on their collars

Identification & Registration (EU)

What legislation exists for identification & registration of companion animals in the EU?

Persian cat

Breeding (EU)

What legislation exists for breeding of companion animals in the EU?

Dog being transported in a transport cage

Animal Transport (EU)

What legislation exists for animal transport in the EU? 

Kitten in cage

Movement & Trade (EU)

What legislation exists for movement & trade of companion animals in the EU?

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